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Top 5 Clean Eating Pantry Staples

Whitney CarlsonComment
 Top 5 Clean Eating Pantry Staples

Our pantry is always stocked with plenty of food, thankfully. We do most of our shopping at warehouse stores (Costco or Sam's) but also order a lot of groceries online, usually through Subscribe & Save. Below are some of our clean eating pantry staples, with links to where we order online. Sometimes you can find these products in stores like Whole Foods but they tend to be very expensive...plus we don't live near a Whole Foods so online ordering is much easier! I hope this helps you stock your clean eating pantry!

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Top 5 Clean Eating Pantry Staples

We use oat flour in a ton of our recipes! It's in most of our protein bars and desserts. We also keep quick oats and steel cut oats in the pantry at all times!

Our favorite is Bob's Red Mill, which is what we have delivered almost every month on our Subscribe and Save order!

Yum - nut butter! We don't discriminate with nut butters, we love them all! We always have either almond butter or peanut butter hanging around the house. We use it on our Ezekiel toast, in our recipes, and consume it by the spoonful (or two). ;-)

We usually buy our nut butters at Costco but you can also get them on Amazon. When shopping for nut butters be sure to look at the ingredients. We prefer only peanuts (or almonds) and salt. Most of the ones you find online (like the ones listed below) will also have oil added. Try to avoid ones with added sugar or artificial ingredients.

Stevia is our sweetener of choice. We've tried a TON of different brands and, by far, prefer Now Foods stevia. It doesn't have the gross aftertaste that many do. We use the NOW Better Stevia in our oats, coffee, protein shakes, etc. When baking, we use Stevia in the Raw. We can find Stevia in the Raw at our local grocery store but also purchase both online.

This is one that we stock up on when Costco puts it on sale. I'm talking like we buy the maximum each time week go during the sale period. We usually spend around $200 on this tuna when it goes on sale but we are also saving a TON of money! Costco has Wild Albacore Tuna in a pack of 6 for $14.99 (when on sale it's usually $9.99). Tuna isn't our favorite food but it's great to have when we don't have any food prepped or don't feel like making anything. We typically mix it with mustard. If you don't have a Costco membership you can buy it on Amazon.

Below is a link to the brand that we prefer. When shopping for tuna look for tuna that is not packed in oil.

5. Oils

Coconut oil cures everything, right?! I'll leave that up to someone else to decide but we do use coconut oil A LOT when cooking! We use it weekly in our sweet potato cubes and in our chocolate chunk protein bars.

Olive oil is also a staple in our pantry. Scott actually adds olive oil (along with the mustard) to his tuna, and we use it for cooking, etc. When shopping look for high-quality oils.

Do you have any clean eating pantry staples that we left out? Let us know!

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