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Clean Eating Food Prep + Life Update

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Oh my gosh, life has been insane for the last two weeks. Some good things...some bad things, just non-stop stuff for weeks. If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram you might have noticed that I've been sharing a lot more desserts than normal and that's why! I've managed to keep my sanity for the most part (we will just ignore some of the text messages I've sent my friends)...

One - well, actually two - BIG things we have coming soon are new cookbooks! We've been working with Kenzie at Hettman Homestead again on a new Crock Pot Breakfast Recipes Cookbook and also a Desserts and Treats Cookbook! If you missed our Baby Eats Clean Cookbook you can view that here. You've been asking for these for years and we are so glad to have someone else who can bring even more recipes and expertise to the products to make them even better for you! Click below to learn more and be sure to sign up so you are notified as soon as it is ready!

Other BIG NEWS! We had one of our savings plans published on How Does She! It's a 12 WEEK savings plan to get you a head start on a debt free vacation or even just a start to a savings account. It's a short term plan so it will take some buckling down on your end but you CAN do it! You can get the challenge here and also our 7 tips on how to reach your finance goals.

With all of this plus taxes. my personal website being hacked, Scott's long hours at work for budget season, our food prep has been a little sporadic as I have been making a few things each day instead of all at one time so that's why some of this food is half eaten in the picture BUT the main point is that we always have healthy food on hand...some days that means a can of tuna and some days that means homemade chicken salad. We've learned to just roll with whatever comes our way and make the best decision possible.

P.S. I'm on Week 5 of the 6 Week Vacation Challenge - it's not too late to start if you haven't already! It's one of the things that has kept me on track - and so has 13 to Clean! They are both FREE & FUN!