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Cardio Warm Up for Runners + Run Box

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I got a little carried away on my Instagram post last week and shared what has been going on in the southeast (it was basically a blog post on my Instagram photo - whoops!). But in case you didn't see it there, I'll give you a little background here. The southeast has been on fire (literally). There are wildfires across TN, NC, SC, GA, KY, and VA and we haven't had substantial rain in months. This is a bad combo. We live in NE GA (about an hour outside of Atlanta) and some days I literally cannot see the house across the street because of all of the smoke. It has just been an inconvenience for us having to cancel hikes and runs but for others, it's much more serious. People are being evacuated, states are spending millions of dollars, and firefighters are coming in from all over to help. We need rain!

Luckily, it wasn't as smoky this past weekend so Scott and I were able to get in some time outside near our house and I was able to test out the contents in the Saucony Run Box. As I mentioned on Instagram, I literally giggled out loud when I saw the box and it said: shop less. run more. I hate shopping, no joke. We spend every moment we can outside whether it’s running, hiking, walking, biking, or just sitting outside – not shopping. Not only do I hate shopping I hate excess but when it comes to workout clothes, I like to have plenty. The reason for this is because I sweat a lot so I am always doing "workout clothes laundry". Anyone else feel like all they wash is workout clothes?! While I do consider myself a minimalist, I realize that workout clothes and running shoes need to be rotated (or replaced) often and this is a great solution.

"Saucony RunBox. Shop Less. Run More."

 Cardio Warm-Up for Runners | He and She Eat Clean
Sometimes too many choices can be a bad thing. With the Saucony Run Box you specify your size and they send you a short sleeve top, long sleeve top, bottoms, running shoes AND sunglasses! It is delivered to your door in a pretty box and you are all set for your next workout session! Seriously, it's so easy and you don't have to leave your house!

I immediately tried on all of the clothes and loved them. The quality is excellent and I am in love with the stitching on the long sleeve top (which has a HOOD!), the color and fit of the short sleeve top, and the flattering capris. Not to mention the shoes which made me feel like I was running on clouds and I am obsessed with the gray/black color combo!

As I mentioned, I was able to take all of the products for a spin (get it?!) this past weekend. I wanted to share how we warm up our legs before running. While most of the time I just want to run out the front door and not slow down I know that taking the time to warm up will make for a stronger and overall better run.

Try this warm-up next time before you start your cardio session. We start walking, gradually speeding up (for instance from the car to the trailhead) and then we will do about 30 seconds each of the following moves. You may be starting slowing for the first few seconds but give your body time to warm up and then go run your heart out! *For descriptions of these exercises please see below.

  • Butt Kicks
  • High Knees
  • Walking Lunges
 Cardio Warm-Up for Runners | He and She Eat Clean

Below you will see examples of the exercise and the outfit! Seriously, I'm obsessed with the whole thing!

  • Butt Kicks - Literally kick yourself in the butt. Keep your chest up. Move quickly.
  • High Knees - Bring your knees up in front of you quickly alternating. Keep your chest up. Move quickly.
  • Walking Lunges (not pictured) - Step forward with one leg. Keep your upper body straight and shoulders back. Lower your hips until your leg is bent at about a 90 degree angle. Repeat on each leg.
 Cardio Warm-Up for Runners | He and She Eat Clean

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