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BIG NEWS! Our Podcast is Finally Here!

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 WHAM Fitness & Life Podcast | He and She Eat Clean | Moms RUN This Town

I can't believe this day is here! Our Podcast with Pam from Moms RUN This Town is now available! We hope to bring you a new episode each Wednesday. We're calling it WHAM Wednesdays! We are very, very excited but also very nervous! We are crushing our fears though because we know it's time! We hope you love it!

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Having a podcast is something that we've talked about for years! I'm obsessed with Podcasts - I listen to then when I cook, clean, do yard work, etc. As many of you know, I am very shy. I don't like to be on camera (pictures or video) or even talk in front of people. That's part of the reason why you don't see a ton of pictures of us (and the other part is because it takes too long to get pics). However, having this Podcast will allow us to answer your questions, rant and rave about our current obsession(s), talk about life, and maybe kids (since Pam is a mom of two!) and cats.

Honestly, I’ve been struggling a lot lately. Lately as in for the last few years. I’ve expressed it a few times here and those close to me know my struggles but I haven’t gone into as much detail as needed. I’ve had a hard time putting it into words for posts so that’s why this podcast is so important to me (and Pam). We talk about fitness because we do think that living a healthy lifestyle is important but there are many, many, many, many, many more important things in life than tracking macros, working out twice a day, missing out on family/friend gatherings, etc. just to weight a certain number or be a certain size. We will discuss these topics and many more in our show! We are both being VERY open and honest with our discussions and we will just go wherever this takes us!

In our first ever episode we talk about a general introduction to fitness and being healthy. We share our health journeys including being scared to go to the gym to starting a podcast and everything in between.

In our second episode we talk about being healthy while on the road for vacation, work, etc. We also discuss training in the heat and Pam gives tips for training with kids at home!

Get excited because the third episode (not released yet but coming soon!) is about body image.

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If you have a topic you want us to talk about or a rant/rave to share, visit our website and let us know! Please note The purpose of this podcast is to educate and to inform. It is not a substitute for professional care by a doctor or other qualified medical professional.