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Beginner 6 Month Money Challenge

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 Beginner 6 Month Money Challenge | He and She Eat Clean

We have beginner and advanced workout challenges so why not have the same for our finance challenges?! If you are having a hard time completing any of our other money challenges, try this Beginner 6 Month Money Challenge! This one is a little bit shorter time commitment (but I think you'll want to continue it!) and a little less each month as well.

You will probably be surprised at how easy it is and how proud of yourself you will be for saving $500! Small things like skipping drinks ($2 for soda or tea and $8-$12 for alcohol) really adds up! Also skipping appetizers and desserts will help your waistline and wallet!

This money doesn't have to all come from saving though. You could also find things to sell around your house that you aren't using anymore. Do you have workout equipment (come on, we all do it!) collecting dust? When was the last time you wore the 12 pairs of designers jeans you have? Remember, just like with fitness small changes really add up! You CAN do it!

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 Beginner 6 Month Money Challenge | He and She Eat Clean

After 6 months you can start this one over or move on to one of our other challenges! View all of our money challenges here.