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Arms + Legs Workout

Weight TrainingWhitney CarlsonComment
 Arms + Legs Workout for Women | He and She Eat Clean

Arms + Legs...My favorite body parts to train! Seriously, I LOVE leg day (if you haven't noticed from all the leg workouts on the website and brutal leg workouts in our She Sweats Workout Plans!) but arm day is a close second. I did this workout a few weeks ago when I knew I wouldn't be working out enough to split my days like normal. I ended up loving it although I kind of had to piece it together from what was available in the gym.

You can do this as a circuit workout (which means you go all the way through once before resting or you can split it up how I have it split). Make it your workout - remember the last two reps should be difficult but not impossible!

You can also do this workout at home, instead of the smith machine just use dumbbells or any kind of weight that you have available.

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ARMS + LEGS Workout

3X10 smith machine squats
3X10 smith machine lunges
3X8 ez bar curl

3X12 step-ups
30 second butt kicks

3X10 overhead tricep extensions
3X12 tricep extensions (tricep kickbacks)
3X10 split squats