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FREE 6-Week Vacation Challenge

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 FREE 6-Week Vacation Challenge


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Although we do live a healthy lifestyle year-round (see also: 5 Things We Have Done to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle for 5+ Years), it's always nice to have something to look forward to as a way to kick things up a notch. We are going to San Diego in six weeks so I figured I would share the little challenge that I created for myself. You can tailor this to your specific goals and I've outlined how I'm adjusting/adding to it below.

As I go through these next six weeks I'm actually going to be finishing up the remaining details on new workout plan we are releasing! Since it's not available yet, join me working out using one of our plans below! There might even be a prize for the best transformation in 6 weeks! Fill out this form to sign up for the challenge (you must be doing one of our workout plans to qualify for the prize). You can participate if you have already started one of our plans! This isn't one of our formal challenges - this is just for fun but still take your "before" photos!

Note: You can start this challenge at anytime! This is an on-going challenge that you can feel free to adjust to your schedule.

Below are the 4-week plans we have available:

You could also do 6 weeks of one of our longer term plans:

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Keep in mind that when you see 4X weight training and 3X cardio, that doesn't mean that you are working out seven days per week. You always need 1-2 rest days per week. So you could do cardio after your weight training or on the days you aren't weight training - just make sure to take your rest days!

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 FREE 6-Week Vacation Challenge

Below is what I have been struggling with lately so I'm also adding these to my personal challenge:

  • Yoga 2X Per Week
  • Positive Self Talk
  • No Comparison
  • Track My Food + Workouts (we will be releasing a new workout plan soon!)
  • No Over-Eating Fats

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 6-Week Vacation Challenge | He and She Eat Clean