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5 Reasons To Wear A Swimsuit

Body ImageWhitney Carlson2 Comments
5 Reasons To Wear A Swimsuit | He and She Eat Clean

We just returned back from a very short trip to the beach for a family reunion. We left late Thursday night, drove all night and then left to come back home early Sunday morning. It was great to see Scott's family and I was able to celebrate my 31st birthday (which was June 4th) on the beach. We haven't been to the beach in over three years. We've been to California beaches but not the beaches where we actually stay at the beach all day. I had forgotten how much I love it!

Anyway, it was a nice short break and I was able to do some thinking while I was there. Some of my best ideas come when I am disconnected while hiking or in this case, at the beach. I posted some on Snapchat (we're under hesheeatclean) but other than that I wasn't on my phone very often. Instead of playing on my phone, I tried to just take in what was around me and enjoy the company.

I absolutely loved it that there were people (men and women) of all shapes, sizes, colors, abilities, etc at the beach having a great time. As I mentioned in my body image post, I never really had major image issues when I was younger, at least that I can remember. If I was at the beach, I wore a swimsuit. It never crossed my mind to worry that my thighs were too big or anything of that sort. I also never really paid attention to others bodies as well. However, this time it was interesting. At the beach no one really stood out to me except for the people who were all covered up. I saw quite a few ladies in capris. Capris at the beach, in Florida, in June. Deep down I hope it was for a different reason other than the fact that they have image issues with their body. I really do. It just seems odd that the ones that tried to cover up the most are the ones that actually stood out the most. I'm not saying that you have to wear a skimpy bikini and struct around the beach but I just wish that they could have the confidence to at least wear something that they could enjoy the sun and the beach. It was hot out there in a swimsuit so I know that they had to be burning up. But it really got me thinking. I know that "bikini body" is a term that we've used before (although I try to avoid it now) and it is widely used to sell workouts, swimsuits, detoxes, etc from many different companies and bloggers but since when does a bikini body mean a size 0/2/4/6/8, whatever? Should anyone who doesn't have the "perfect" (whatever that means) bikini body not wear a swimsuit or a bikini? I'm pretty sure that everyone has a bikini body.

You have GOT to start LIVING your life instead of sitting on the sidelines. When you are 80 years old you will enjoy the memories made and will not remember if you "still needed to lose 10 or even 50 pounds". We definitely think that you should work towards becoming a healthier version of yourself if you do need to lose weight for health reasons but you can still embrace and enjoy your life today, in the process.

Care about what other people think and you will always be their prisoner. - Lao Tzu

5 Reasons to Wear a Swimsuit

1. Because you can.

You have a body and the opportunity to be at the beach and/or pool. They make swimsuits in all shapes and sizes. Buy one that you are comfortable in and use it!

2. You could inspire others.

Maybe there is someone else where you are visiting that is feeling the same way as you. When they see you confidently wearing a swimsuit, even though you might not have that perfect "bikini body", they will think better of themselves. It's a movement, y'all. Keep inspiring.

3. No one cares.

Seriously, no one cares. And if they do that is their problem, not yours. When you are at the beach and/or pool you should be having such a great time that you aren't worried about who should or shouldn't be in a swimsuit. As with everything else we talk about, quit caring what other people think - this applies to fitness and finance - pretty much life in general.

4. You will be cooler (as in temperature).

This means you can spend more time outside with your friends and/or family, which is the whole point of going to the beach and/or pool.

5. Tomorrow you will be older. Wear a swimsuit while you are young. ;-)

No matter how young you are, next time you go to the beach and/or pool you will be older. That's just life. Remember when you thought you were fat in high school and you weren't? Same thing applies now. Whether you have 10 pounds to lose or 50 pounds to lose, you likely view yourself bigger than you actually are. Next year you will look back and say, I should have just worn the swimsuit. End that cycle now.

We've maintained this lifestyle for over 5 years and don't do anything much different to "get ready for summer" than we do the rest of the year. Yes, we tend to be more active in the summer just because of the weather but we don't spend hours doing cardio to get rid of "extra weight". It's not worth it! Develop a healthy relationship with diet and exercise and keep it year-round! Life is meant to be LIVED.

P.S. In case you didn't know, we have some amazing healthy recipes (check out our most popular here) and a few great workout plans! ;-)