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30-Day Walking Challenge

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 30-Day Walking Challenge | He and She Eat Clean


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I've been going through a challenging period mentally and had the idea to start walking to try and provide a sense of relief and time for reflection, without distractions. I wanted the same benefits that I get hiking, without having to prepare or drive to hike. I am doing a combo on the Transformation/Run Builder to prepare for hiking trips we have coming so I'm not doing this as "extra" cardio but as time to clear my mind. I have been trying to snap a pic to share on Snapchat (hesheeatclean) each day though because it's so pretty and peaceful. :)

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The benefits I've received in just five days of doing this have been nothing short of amazing. After the first walk the idea came to me that I should start volunteering to work with children (girls in particular) and help them develop confidence and hopefully set them up for a life of success without body image issues. I posted on my personal Facebook, He and She Eat Clean's Facebook page, and Instagram (heandsheeatclean) looking for suggestions on organizations to join. I received a ton of responses and I've signed up to help with Girls on the Run and I also plan on volunteering at a few more places locally as well. I am very excited about this and I really think I can make a difference here!

Since walking has been such a positive change in my life I wanted to challenge all of you to do the same thing. I didn't want to have to wake up and run each morning or wake up and do something else high intensity. I just wanted to put on my shoes and walk - no pressure on speed or distance. I didn't start this for any other reason than to clear my head. It wasn't to lean out, to do extra cardio, or anything of the sort. I would love for you to go into this with the same mindset. I love listening to podcasts (this is the perfect opportunity for you to catch up on our WHAM Podcast!) while I walk. You could grab a friend or go solo. If you do take a friend don't let it turn into a gossip session, this challenge is supposed to be the complete opposite!

This is your challenge so there aren't any rules (other than no gossip or negativity!). I try to walk for an hour but sometimes that doesn't happen and that's OKAY! Remember, this is not for fitness, this is for your mental health first. I didn't want to put any rules on this challenge because I don't want you to become discouraged if you can't meet them. So instead of telling you to walk for 2 miles or 30 minutes or whatever, I'm leaving that up to you. If all you can do one day is walk for 10 minutes that is AWESOME. I haven't been tracking mine but I did want to provide the option if you are the type of person who likes to track. You can print the chart below out in black and white and fill in the spots each day. Under the thoughts section, you can list how you feel before/after, what you thought about during your walk, really anything! I do my walks in the morning just because that's when it fits in my schedule and it provides me with the opportunity to start the day off positive but you can walk at lunch, in the evening, or whenever it fits your schedule! I hope this challenge brings you positivity, joy, and lots of good thoughts!

 30-Day Walking Challenge | He and She Eat Clean