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3 Ways to Break a Weight Loss Plateau

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 3 Ways to Break a Weight Loss Plateau

Have you been eating healthy and working out but feel stuck? First, ask yourself how long your progress as stalled. A true plateau is no weight loss or inches lost in three or more weeks. We covered (in this post) why you can't rely on the scale and shouldn't weigh yourself very often. However, if you still aren't seeing any difference in the way your clothes fit or your energy levels you may have hit a plateau. They are common and can be broken - Don't lose steam or give up! Try one or all three of the tips below to get your body moving in the right direction again.

3 Ways to Break a Weight Loss Plateau

1. Change up your workout routine and/or nutrition plan. Our bodies are smart and they get used to what we do. If you've been doing the same workout over and over (which you shouldn't!) you need to switch up your routine. It could be as simple as switching out the days that you lift each week, lifting different body parts together (instead of chest and back try chest and tris, etc). Also, try incorporating one HIIT session per week but make sure that you are NOT doing too much cardio. Sometimes just reversing the order of your workout or finding new workout music can help! Try one of our workout plans and our FREE cardio/HIIT routines!

I will admit, I actually enjoy eating the same foods all of the time. I'm not a very picky eater (never have been) so even though I do own this "food blog" I tend to stick with the same recipes week after week! If you are like me, try switching up your meals or eating different sources of fat, protein, and/or carbs. For example, if most of your healthy fat comes from almond butter try to get yours from coconut oil. Eat breakfast for dinner and just have a shake in the mornings. Try different things out of your normal routine!

2. Journal your food. Journal ALL of your food (especially the food you eat and don't want to write down!). I don't think that counting calories and/or macros all the time is necessary but when you need to take a close look at your food it can be helpful! Journaling is a good way to see if you are over OR under-eating. I actually find that most people are UNDER eating. Your body needs food to fuel your workouts. Eat up (healthy foods) and watch your body transform! While journaling you might find that you are "snacking" on your kids goldfish more often than you thought or you might be eating more than 3 squares of dark chocolate at a time (see this post on moderation and balance).

3. Take a complete {workout} break. While you should already be taking a complete rest day at least 1-2 times per week we also recommend taking an entire week off. If you have been working out for 12(+) weeks straight, take a break. Your body will thank you for the rest. You can use this time to think about your goals for the next three months, spend time trying new recipes, or catching up with friends and family! Keep eating healthy and give your body the rest it deserves.

You do need to be honest with yourself. Do you still have a lot of excess weight to lose or are you trying to lose "vanity pounds"? If you have 5-10 pounds that you are trying to lose - and that is all you need to lose - it is going to be tougher to lose that weight because your body wants to hold onto it! You will need to be patient and trust the process!

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