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3 Things to Consider When Looking at Packaging

Whitney CarlsonComment

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Tetra Pak. The opinions and text are all mine.

I know that most of you probably don't look at the bottom of the cartons and boxes that you receive but I do. Right out of college I worked for a shipping supply company so I am always curious to see if the packaging I receive is from that company. It's like a strange habit now...

Packaging is very important and not something to be overlooked. When we are packing for our hiking trips we always look into what kind of packaging certain food and drinks come in and how much they weigh. This doesn't just matter for backpacking, it's also important to pay attention to this for day hikes.

We are excited to work with Tetra Pak and share some of their numerous benefits with you. Maybe you'll even start flipping over everything you get to see the packaging information!

Tetra Pak is the world's leading food processing and packaging solutions company. PROTECTS WHAT'S GOODβ„’ is their brand promise. It means that they protect food (food safety), people (opportunities and social responsibility), and futures (their customers' business and the environment).

You know we only work with companies that align with our beliefs and we love that they focus on keeping the consumption of all raw materials and energy to a minimum (during the manufacturing process AND the distribution).

As I mentioned with hiking, we have to carefully select items to take with us on our treks. Below are 3 things that we consider when looking at the packaging.

  1. Lightweight. We can't fill our packs with heavy containers (literally the containers themselves) of food and/or water. Every little bit adds up.
  2. Easy to open. We can't take a ton of gadgets, even if they are small, on our hikes with us. We need packaging that doesn't require separate openers.
  3. Pack stable (or maybe you know this as shelf stable). When we backpack we don't lug around coolers. Shocking, I know. ;-) We need things we can eat or drink that don't require refrigeration.

As you will see Tetra Pak is perfect for a healthy active lifestyle, below are just a few of the many reasons why (we are able to check off all three of our requirements plus more!):

  • Lightweight and space efficient - they even fold flat for the trip back to the recycling bin
  • No refrigeration necessary until after they're opened
  • Easy to open - no can opener or other tools necessary
  • Safe for all ages - no sharp edges or risk of broken glass
  • Cartons are recyclable and mainly made from paper, a renewable natural resource that can be replenished.
  • With multiple layers of protection built into every package, Tetra Pak cartons preserve the quality, taste, and nutrients without the need for added preservatives.

Below are just a few of the products they sent us that are packaged in cartons made by Tetra Pak. Yes, that is our cat Rambo in the picture. He wouldn't move so I just let him help me "frame" the picture. ;-)

  • Almond Breeze Almond Milk
  • FAWEN Drinkable Soup
  • Flow Water
  • Greater Than Water

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