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2017 Fitness & Finance Challenges

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2017 Fitness & Finance Challenges | He and She Eat Clean

2016 has been a tough year for us with deaths in the family plus a lot of other stressful events. I'm pretty sure there was a six week period where I only slept 3-4 hours per night. Needless to say, the stress took its toll on me. I'm happy to leave 2016 behind and move forward into 2017. At least I can say the Cubs won the World Series in 2016! :)

With each new year we love to release new challenges and this year is no different! We have a 12 (or 16 week) workout challenge, 21 day jump start challenge, fitness challenge calendar, and a money saving challenge. No matter what your goals are we can help you meet them!

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She Sweats Winter Workout Challenge

Our She Sweats Winter Workout Challenge will give you that motivation to "become the best version of yourself" in 2017!  Plus you could win a prize pack valued over $200!

She Sweats Winter Workout Challenge | He and She Eat Clean

It's simple to enter:

  • Purchase your workout plan (you can use the 12-Week Transformation, 12-Week Run Builder, 13.1 Plan, or Marathon Training Plan). You must have your own copy. It is illegal to distribute copies of this workout.
  • Before starting, take your "before" pictures with some sort of time stamp (using the time stamp on a camera or a newspaper). Make sure your pictures are clear. You can wear what you prefer but make sure it is something where you can tell your progress throughout the challenge period. Take pictures from the front, side, and back. Stand using good posture.
  • Complete the workout plan that you choose.
  • Take "after" pictures in the same manner that you did your "before" pictures.
  • Email your before and after pictures (together) to thegang@heandsheeatclean.com.

BEFORE PICTURES MUST BE TAKEN BY JANUARY 31, 2017. AFTER PICTURES ARE DUE BY MAY 31, 2017. Note: This is a longer time frame to account for the 16 week half and full marathon training plans. If you are doing a 12 week plan you can send in your pictures once you are finished - you do not have to wait until May 31


You can choose between the gym or the at-home version or get both for those days when you can't make it to the gym (the plans are interchangeable). The bundles (that include the workout plan and eBooks) also count. You can choose your product from the drop down menu below.

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31-Day Full Body Fitness Challenge

Our newest fitness challenge has just been released. This is the perfect compliment to your She Sweats Workout Plan! New challenge calendars are released every month or you can view our past ones here.

21-Day Jump Start Challenge

Not really sure where or how to start? Confused about what you should be eating and when? We have you covered! The 21-Day Jump Start Challenge is also great for those who are looking to break a plateau, try something new, or get ready for a special event! This includes a workout plan, meal plan, AND education on how to make this a lifestyle. Request more information here.

21-Day Jump Start Challenge | He and She Eat Clean

12-Week Money Challenge

We also love to start out the new year with a new money challenge! Start with this one and in three months you will have saved an extra $600! Learn more here.

{{You can view all of our other money challenges here.}}

3-Month Money Saving Challenge | He and She Eat Clean

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