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30-Day Step-Up Challenge

ChallengesWhitney CarlsonComment

We love challenges! And we love step-ups! I'm pretty sure that step-ups are my favorite exercise, so I wanted to make sure you develop a strong love for step-ups too with this 30-Day Step-Up Challenge! ;-)

Remember, these challenge are not meant to be your ONLY workout. These should be done in conjunction with your workout (which is hopefully one of our workout plans)!

Step-ups are literally just like they sound - you step up! Use something sturdy: a bench, chair, or step and step up and back down. When the challenge indicates a knee lift step up with one foot and lift the opposite knee towards your chest and then return to the starting position. When it indicates a rear leg extension step up with one leg and extend the opposite leg out behind you, really squeezing your glutes.

The number of reps listed is per leg. For example, on day one you will do 5 step-ups on your left leg and 5 step-ups on your right leg. You can either complete all reps on one leg before switching or you can alternate. Depending on your fitness level you can perform these weighted or without weights.

Always listen to your body and remember that these can be split up throughout the day. I actually perform step-ups as "cardio bursts" in between sets on my non-leg days (using a high bench and moving quickly). I do weighted step-ups on leg days (using our She Sweats workout plans).

Trust me, your booty will thank you once it's all over.