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Shoulder Exercise - Y, T & I

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Looking for a new shoulder exercise to add to your routine? Try this challenging Y, T & I exercise. You will see this in most of our exercise plans on shoulder day. Get ready to lower your weight substantially for this one!

Y, T & I

  1. Choose light dumbbells (do NOT use heavy weights for this) - trust us, it will still be challenging!
  2. Prop yourself up on an incline bench (as seen in the photos below) or lie facedown on a flat bench.
  3. Grasping the dumbbells, lift both arms toward your head forming the letter "Y".

4. Next, bring your arms out to your sides to form the letter "T".

5. Lastly, bring your arms above your head with your elbows at your ears to form the letter "I".

6. Repeat for the listed number of reps.


  • As mentioned, choose a light weight for this exercise.
  • Use slow and controlled motions.

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 Y, T & I Shoulder Exercise | He and She Eat Clean