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Yoga Challenge + He and She Goes to NYC!

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Yoga. It has been on my “goal list” for years. I’ve listed it as something that I want to incorporate each time I write out my goals but it always seems to be the first thing that’s overlooked too. Not anymore! I’m sharing this with you so that you can help hold me accountable! I’m actually very flexible (I can even put my legs behind my head like a pretzel!) and enjoy yoga and stretching but it’s not something that I’ve incorporated into my routine like I should. As we’ve mentioned numerous times, strength training, cardio, and flexibility training should all be included in your workout routine. We created a little Yoga Challenge for ourselves and wanted to share with you as well! Hopefully once we complete this for a month it will become a habit! You can check in with us and let us know you are completing the challenge to in our Healthy Living Challenge Group!

We want you to #MakeYourMove with yoga this month! Need some yoga inspiration or ideas? Try this A.M. & P.M. Yoga for Beginners DVD from Kohl’s!

Why Yoga? Just to name a few benefits…
  • Reduces Stress
  • Increases Flexibility
  • Helps Protect from Injuries
  • Improves Posture
We will be posting a lot of our yoga pictures in the Healthy Living Challenge group and also on our Instagram (@heandsheeatclean). Please tag us in yours and use the hashtag #MakeYourMove so we can see you!

Speaking of yoga, when we think of yoga we also think of Gaiam. We were invited to New York City at the end of April to attend an event to celebrate the launch of Gaiam in Kohl’s stores. It was an amazing experience! Tracy Anderson and Vanessa Hudgens were there too! We were also able to participate in a yoga session led by Two Fit Moms. Although it was FREEZING (literally) we had a blast! We’ve included a few pictures from the event!

Backbends are my thing! I have to do them everywhere we go. I do one on almost all of the hikes we take!

I loved all of the signs include this “I plank therefore I am” one! They were so motivating with sayings like “Mind Over Matter”!

P.S. You can find my pants at Kohls here and the full Gaiam collection here

Below is one of my favorite pictures of Scott and me. I can’t wait to recreate this picture and some new ones after this yoga challenge!

I plan on taking a yoga/Pilates class once a week plus doing this yoga challenge (incorporating moves from yoga DVDs). How do you plan to #MakeYourMove with yoga?

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