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He and She Get Muddy!

Whitney CarlsonComment

This past week end, we had the opportunity to run the Tough Mudder on behalf of Ziploc® brand Team Tough Mother. It was an amazing experience and one that we will remember forever. We ran the event in Atlanta which was a 10.3 mile course with what felt like a million obstacles! It was very refreshing to see so much teamwork and really no one worried about beating a certain time or crossing the finish line first. People we had never met before helped us out of the mud and over walls and we returned the favor to others behind us.

The Tough Mudder is definitely a mind over matter type event. You will want to give up numerous times but one foot in front of the other is all it takes to conquer the course! Small steps in the right direction and giving up the idea of “being perfect” is the mentality that many need to adopt for any race but also for life in general. No one knows this more than all the moms out there trying to balance a family, work, social events, gym time, etc.! It isn’t easy!

We didn’t have much time to second guess ourselves - our hiking trips and continual effort in the gym paid off! As we were gathering all of our supplies for the race, new Ziploc® brand bags with Easy Open Tabs were a lifesaver! They truly helped us keep everything organized and clean so we wanted to share the ways that we used these bags for the event.

5 Ways to Use New Ziploc® brand bags with Easy Open Tabs for the Tough Mudder:

1. Homemade Wet Wipes (The line for the showers can be pretty long so having a wet washcloth to go ahead and start wiping off is a great idea! All you have to do is wet a washcloth and seal in a bag.)

2. Hold a clean change of clothes (We each packed clean clothes in a bag. After you change put your dirty clothes into the same bag and seal!)

3. Keep snacks fresh (We packed our own pancakes, protein muffins and cinnamon bites to eat before the event.)

4. Hold ID and cash (There is a bag check at most events but it’s still smart to avoid packing your entire wallet. We took our ID and some cash in a bag.)

5. Small first aid kit (In our first aid kit we included things like bandages, gauze, medicine, moleskin, etc.)

As we were packing these items we realized that the items are really things that everyone (especially moms) needs to keep in their car at all times! The bags would also be useful for theme parks, family outings to the park, etc.

We use Ziploc® brand bags with Easy Open Tabs on a daily basis. They come in handy each week during food prep to store our homemade protein bars and veggies, so they are ready to grab the next day! We thought we loved them before, but the tabs make it so much easier to grip, open and close the bags!

  • The Easy Open Tab bags are available in freezer, storage, sandwich and snack varieties. They can be used to store fruits, meat, craft materials, school supplies and other household items.
  • Ziploc® brand Storage bags with Easy Open Tabs: Feature a pink-colored tab and are available in quart, half-gallon and gallon sizes.
  • Ziploc® brand Freezer bags with Easy Open Tabs: Feature a blue-colored tab and are available in pint, quart and gallon sizes.
  • Ziploc® brand Sandwich and Snack bags with Easy Open Tabs: Feature a green-colored tab and sandwich bags are available in standard and extra-large sizes.  

We saw A LOT of tough mothers on the course and wanted to share this video that Ziploc® brand made to honor all of those mothers! As I mentioned, we were on Ziploc® brand Team Tough Mother and since I am not a mom, Scott and I ran it in honor of our own {very} tough mothers and all of the other tough mothers that we know! Scott lost his dad to colon cancer when he was 15. This meant that not only did Scott have to be strong so young (he was the youngest child) but so did his mom. She was left with three children and lost the love of her life. Take time to think about all of the tough mothers in your life and thank them for everything they do!

This post has been sponsored by Ziploc® brand. All opinions are 100% ours.