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Build Your Home Gym For Less Than $100 + Full Body At Home Workout

Cardio/HIITWhitney CarlsonComment

Do you have limited time to work out due to a busy schedule? We understand completely! While we suggest that people try to join a gym if possible it’s nice to have some equipment at home for when you can’t make it to the gym or if there isn’t a gym nearby. In most gyms you have options like machines, racks, and cables but you can create a home gym that will get the job done without all the bells and whistles! You can STILL get in a great workout at home. Some of our best transformations have come from our at-home workout plan transformation winners!

Since we want you to #MakeYourMove wherever you are, we want to give you some options of things to keep around the house. Over time you can even add different items and equipment so that you can continue to improve your own gym at home!


You’ll even have some money left over to snag a Speed Rope for $7.99 (it’s great for cardio bursts)!
Although coffee tables (or even the ground!) can work for some exercises, if possible it is best to have a bench to use. If funds and space allow consider adding one of these benches below to your home gym. Bonus, they come with weights!

If a bench is out of the question and you are a little more advanced, the exercise ball is great for things like curls, chest press, etc. The ball forces you to stabilize your core while performing the movement.


Want a fun new workout to try with your new equipment? We put this Full Body At Home Workout together for you!

You will perform the circuit as listed and repeat the entire circuit 2-3 times (depending on how much time you have).

Band Bicep Curls X 15
Overhead Dumbbell Triceps Extensions X 15
Dumbbell Lateral Raise X 15
Jump Rope 30 Seconds


Dumbbell Chest Press X 15
Band Rows X 15
Exercise Ball Crunches X 20
Jumping Jacks 30 Seconds


P.S. You might need a towel to wipe off all of your sweat!

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