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Clean Eat Education: What's In Your Multivitamin?

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Multivitamin supplements are by far the most popular nutritional product on the market today as they are very beneficial at filling in nutritional gaps and deficiencies.  According to a recent Gallup poll, half of all Americans take a multivitamin supplement and for good reason…the highly processed and refined foods of convenience consumed on a regular basis these days provide little to no nutritional value, so we have no choice but to supplement with a multivitamin in order to receive the recommended levels of essential vitamins and minerals, but, be aware, not all supplements are equal!

Many of the vitamins on the market contain harmful ingredients such as:

  • BHT – linked to bladder, gastric, and lung cancer as well as DNA damage
  • Boric Acid – used as insecticide and flame retardant – may cause DNA damage
  • Synthetic vitamin A – linked to birth defects
  • Stearic acid – contains pesticide residues
  • Hydrogenated Palm Oil – known to cause cardiovascular disease
  • Sodium benzoate – synthetic preservative

Also, extensive testing on leading multivitamin brands performed by ConsumerLab.com found defects in nearly 40% of the products tested.  This testing also found:

  • One popular general multivitamin contained nearly 2.5 times its claimed amount of vitamin A in the retinol form.  Too much retinol can be very harmful
  • A range of multivitamins contained more than the upper tolerable limits of niacin, vitamin A, and/or zinc
  • Tablets of leading men’s and women’s multivitamins failed to break apart within the required time frame outlined in the testing which means they may not release all ingredients for absorption

Take a look at the labels of a popular women's general multivitamin and a VERY popular children’s vitamin:

Because of these alarming inconsistencies and potentially harmful effects of taking a product that is supposed to optimize your health, we have been very selective in the supplements we consume.  

Our preferred multivitamin is the Isotonix multivitamin without iron.  We prefer the iron-free version because iron can be toxic at high levels of consumption and we receive the recommended daily amount of iron through our regular diet.

So, why do we love and trust the Isotonix Multivitamin?

First of all, we know the product is highly tested and the production process meets GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) standards.  This means that Isotonix products are periodically inspected and approved by either the FDA or the USDA.  The manufacturing environment must be sterilized between production runs which drastically reduces the potential for impurities, heavy metals, and contamination. Moreover, product batches are subject to thorough inspection and analysis to ensure consistency and purity.  Finally, the manufacturer also requires a Certificate of Analysis (COA) for each raw material and every batch of Isotonix products are reviewed and approved by highly-trained production personnel.

Secondly, the isotonic state of the Isotonix multivitamins matches the fluid pressure of your bodily fluids to ensure optimal absorption (recall the study by ConsumerLabs.com that found many products failed to breakdown in the digestive tract in the required timeframe).  Non-isotonic supplements (pills and capsules) can take anywhere from forty minutes to four hours to digest which causes several important micronutrients to get trapped by fats, fibers, and tannins or become inactivated by the highly acidic pH level of your stomach.  

Also, nobody likes taking pills and capsules...all you have to do with the Isotonix products is pour a cap full and mix it with two ounces of water and you have a great tasting alternative to choking down those pills every morning!

When adding a multivitamin, it is important to realize that a multivitamin should be delivered in a way where little nutritive value is lost, making the absorption of nutrients important. It is this reason why Isotonix Multivitamin sets itself apart from the competition. In addition to providing 100% or more of the daily recommended value of many vitamins and minerals, Isotonix multivitamin includes the rapid absorption made possible by the Isotonix delivery system, eliminating the need to swallow a pill. Also, by removing the harmful binders and fillers listed above, the Isotonix multivitamin is a great tasting alternative to your everyday multivitamin.

Isotonix supplements have been carefully formulated to clear your stomach at an optimal rate to maximize absorption which means you’re actually getting what you paid for!

Oh, and speaking of getting what you pay for, the Isotonix multivitamin is very affordable…only $0.60 per day for the 90 day supply (which is 22% cheaper than the 30-day supply)!

Why is taking a vitamin supplement important?

Multivitamins can help in the process of converting food to energy and in the growth and repair of body tissue. Reduction of vitamin levels over extended periods can result in vitamin deficiency. These shortages may lead to symptoms which can include loss of appetite, loss of body weight, increased irritability and sleeplessness or constant drowsiness. Deficiencies of this nature can be easily avoided by adequate vitamin intake through the consumption of a high-quality multivitamin supplement.

Who should take Isotonix Multivitamin?

Almost everyone over the age of 18 would find it beneficial to enhance their diet with Isotonix Multivitamin. Even when eating a balanced diet, it is difficult to consume the optimal amounts of vitamins and minerals each day. Numerous studies have been conducted on the importance of vitamins and minerals. One should supplement with a multivitamin to assure that their daily nutrient intake is balanced and powerful enough to ward against any deficiencies, allowing for the best health possible.


  • Single Multivitamin (with or without iron) available in a 30 serving supply or a 90 serving supply.
  • Optimal Wellness Kit includes a 30 serving supply of multivitamin, activated B complex, and omega III fish oil.
  • Daily Essentials Kit (bottles - with or without iron) includes a 90 serving supply of multivitamin, activated B complex, OPC-3 and calcium plus.
  • Daily Essentials Kit (packets - with or without iron) includes a 30 serving supply of multivitamin, activated B complex, OPC-3 and calcium plus.

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