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6 Healthy, Eat Clean Muffin Recipes!

Breakfast Recipes, Recipe RoundupWhitney CarlsonComment

Who doesn't love a good muffin for breakfast? While it's okay to indulge in the "real thing" every once in a while, we suggest to try and make your own! The muffins you find in bakeries and coffee shops are loaded with sugar! We've put together our top 6 healthy muffin recipes for you in one post! These are all so good we have a hard time not eating all the batter before we actually bake them!

Okay, so maybe this last one isn't one of the sweet, savory muffins we are used to but it's one of our most popular recipes and a great grab-and-go breakfast option!

Egg Quiche Muffins

Which one is your favorite?

- Whitney