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Turn Your Resolutions Into RESULTS!

Whitney CarlsonComment

Do you make resolutions and/or goals each year but fail to reach them? 2015 could be your year...Your year to make that healthy lifestyle change. Your year to finally see what you are capable of. Your year to crush your goals.

Do you need accountability in order to stay on track? We offer coaching at many different price points! We give you the tools, accountability, and education you need to succeed! You will learn all about nutrition, supplementation, exercise, how to make this a lifestyle, etc. Make 2015 YOUR year!

We are starting new teams for our 21-Day Jump Start and also our 12-Week Coaching! Spots are limited...email

whitneycarlsonfitness@gmail.com for more information!

Below are a few testimonials:

"I highly recommend Whitney Carlson as a TLS Coach. I have been working with her for 9 months and couldn't be happier with my results I have achieved through her exercise programs, TLS plan and supplements.  Whitney has cheered me on with all of my accomplishments and lifted me up in my low points. She is easily accessible through email and text and answers questions within 24 hours. She also checks in on me often through emails to see how I am doing with diet and exercise. Whitney also posts on social media frequently with little pearls of wisdom, encouragement, yummy recipes, and fitness challenges.  I owe so much of my success to her."

"I found Whitney’s 21 Day Jump Start online when searching for a way to get motivated to get back into a fitness routine. As a former running junkie, I got sidetracked for a while as I gave  birth to my son. He became my focus and I forgot about taking care of ME! Whitney’s plan was just the motivation I needed to get back on track. I saw fast results and re-learned to eat clean. During the process, Whitney was very involved, offering knowledge about the TLS products, support, encouragement and ‘virtual’ friendship. I enjoyed learning from and working with a fitness professional who seemed very kind and down-to-earth. Since the plan last spring, Whitney has kept in touch offering words of wisdom, mentioning sales on products and just ‘checking in.’ I feel that I’ve gained a valuable fitness friendship and consider her a mentor. Although I’m currently a teacher, photographer and momma, I hope to some day make fitness & running a part of my career. Whitney is an inspiration and living example of pursuing your dreams, working hard and achieving goals. So happy to have met her and excited to continue a fit partnership/collaboration in the future!"

"I loved increasing the weights at the gym, flexing my muscles in the car, and even checking myself out in the mirror! My self-confidence sky-rocketed. Whitney was/is the best coach. She kept me informed, checked in with me regularly, and inspired and pushed me to my goals. I am now able to live without worrying about my weight, because Whitney, through TLS, gave me the knowledge base to do so. All that self-confidence led to a baby boy. I used the knowledge Whitney gave me throughout the pregnancy and am back down to my starting figure within 7 weeks of delivery."