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Gym Etiquette - Things You Should NEVER Do At the Gym

Whitney Carlson4 Comments

Let's have a little fun with today's post! I can't help but laugh when I see something out of the ordinary at the gym. For all of you gym "newbies" out there, it's not usually you! These gym faux-paus are typically made by those regulars that just get a little too comfortable at the gym. Feel free to add to this list, so leave a comment with your take on what you should NEVER do at the gym and we just might add it to the post!

Things You Should NEVER Do At the Gym

Let's get started! Remember, this is all in good fun!

1. Wear shorts that DO NOT cover your bottom. Ladies, I am talking to you, but the same goes for the guys out there! Do a bend test in the mirror or the gym locker room BEFORE you step foot in the public gym setting.

2. Wear white tights/leggings to the gym. You plan to sweat in the gym, right? Um... enough said!

3. Stare at members you don't know (and it really isn't polite to stare at anyone you do know either)! Staring at people typically doesn't get you a positive response from the other person.

4. Talk about someone at the gym, especially in earshot of them!

5. Grunt loudly. Now you might be struggling to get the weight up in the gym, but if you are pounding out 5 or 10 pounds of weight, chances are you don't need to make it seem like you are working to 100% capacity. (Although if you are, good for you! Just do it a little more quietly!)

6. Ask the person next to you out on a date. I've seen this happen SO many times, it's quite comical now! A man, typically has had his eye on a certain girl in the gym and conveniently finds exercises or reasons to stand by where she is working out (ie. the water fountain or whatever machine or free weights are located near the Aerobics Room door) and pounces on her as soon as he sees his first opportunity. Most of us (and I say most) go to the gym to workout - we don't care about meeting guys and scoring dates (especially us married ladies).

7. Start using someone's machine without asking. This is just plain rude! If you are interested in using a certain piece of equipment and think that someone else is still using it, ask them!

8. Shower without flip flops.Again... enough said!

9. Comment on someone's baby bump in the locker room. True story! It happened to me when I was pregnant with Bryce! Baby bumps are cute, but keep that comment for after the person is changing! So weird!

Have something you want to add to the list? Leave it in the comments section below!