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How to Make PERFECT Scrambled Eggs!

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 How to Make Perfect Scrambled Eggs | He and She Eat Clean

Eggs! They are my favorite food group (hehe). I LOVE them. I actually prefer them boiled and could eat them for every meal. However, I've been experimenting lately and made the BEST scrambled eggs I've ever had. EVER. Scott approved and requests that I make them all the time now. Want to learn how? OK fine, I'll share. :-)

How to Make PERFECT Scrambled Eggs!


  • 3 organic egg whites
  • 1 whole organic egg
  • 2 Tbsp 2% cottage cheese
  • Salt and pepper, to taste Coconut oil (to coat the pan)



1. Coat pan with coconut oil. Add eggs.

2. Sprinkle eggs with sea salt and pepper.

3. Wait until the eggs start to bubble. Fold the eggs in and add cottage cheese.

4. Scramble the eggs in the pan combining the eggs and cheese.

5. Enjoy your amazing eggs!

He and She Tip:

You can use whatever amount of eggs you usually eat - just make sure to include at least one whole egg to get the full benefit of this method. :-)

- Whitney