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How to Do a Star Jack - Video Tutorial

Exercise TutorialsWhitney CarlsonComment

Remember those jumping jacks you did as a kid? Well they are back... but in a big way! Think BIG - think Star Jacks! It's time to infuse these babies into your workout to get your heart rate and your metabolism soaring. 

Watch this to find out how - it's simple!

How could I incorporate these? Well... you will find Star Jacks already incorporated into our She Sweats Workout Programs, but you can also put them in your workout too. You could bust out 10 or 12 of these if you are between strength training sets and want to get your heart rate up (don't forget to rest for a few seconds before continuing your workout) or even if you are out for your morning jog and want to do some interval training. Try running up a hill, taking a break, incorporating some Star Jacks, a quick break and then repeating the cycle.  

The possibilities are endless!


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