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How to Do a Reverse Lunge - Video Tutorial

Exercise TutorialsWhitney CarlsonComment

The reverse lunge is a "must" for you to include in your workout routine for your next leg day. It challenges not only your leg and glutes muscles, but also your core strength. Doing lunges going forward is hard enough - try going backwards! If you are participating in our newest challenge, you can't miss this video - it's definitely an exercise included in the She Sweats Workout Plans!

Watch this video tutorial to learn the proper form for a Reverse or Backward Lunge:

Want to challenge yourself? Here are a few ways to up the intensity on these lunges:

1. Add weight - dumbbells and kettlebells work great!

2. Add a pulse - come up and down a few more times once you are in your lunge to really challenge your muscles.

3. Add a shoulder press - work your shoulders by adding bands or dumbbells while also increasing your core strength and balance. Be sure to do the "press up" as you bend down into your lunge.

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