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Fall Outdoor Workout Essentials Checklist

Whitney CarlsonComment

The leaves will soon start to change and those near 100 temperatures that we have seen this summer are starting to decrease, making way for optimal weather to take your workout outdoors! If you are planning on taking advantage of the temperature shift and getting out of the flourescent lights of your gym and into the sunlight, don't leave home without marking off these key essentials on your checklist!

1. Stay Hydrated with a Functional Water Bottle

This might sound obvious, but as the temperatures decrease, you may notice that you aren't perspiring as much as you would in 100 degree temps. That doesn't mean you don't need to stay hydrated! 

Think about the water bottle you are using too! Is it reusable? Is it a size that is conducive to keeping you hydrated through your entire workout? Is it easy to hold and carry with you as you change locations and/or exercises?

Our Suggestion:

Amphipod Hydraform Thermal-Lite Handheld - 20-oz

, $32.95

2. Use Sun (and Wind) Protection

This might seem obvious, but even if the clouds have set in and the day doesn't look as sunny as we think, the risk that sun exposure brings to our skin is still there! Don't forget to use a sunscreen and lip protection as the wind and sun can wreak havoc on your lips too!

Our Suggestion:

Endurance Shield SPF45

, $23.99 - One of the "cleanest" sunscreens we have seen yet!

3. Dress in Layers

As you begin your workout, you might feel a little chilly - especially if you are doing your workouts outdoors in the mornings or the evenings as the temperature changes quite rapidly. Having the ability to easily shed a layer that may be making you too hot or add a layer to help you retain your body temperature, especially after a workout, during the cool-down period is of utmost importance.

4. Use Sweat-wicking Fabrics, including Undergarments, when Possible

Sweat-wicking fibers in any weather is a good idea! Cotton has a tendency to absorb sweat, taking a long time for it to dry and the moisture stays on your skin. A wicking fabric absorbs the sweat but wicks it from your skin so the moisture is no longer there, allowing you to stay warmer, longer.

Our Suggestion: 

Nike Dri-Fit No-Show Socks

, $22.99 for 3-pack

Go ahead, get outside and enjoy your workout!