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Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful by Alena Murgatroyd

Whitney Carlson5 Comments

Mind, Body and Soul, these are the three key factors that constitute the foundation of life, as we know it.  It is when these three factors are in balance that we find peace, love and hope. Peace within ourselves, love for life and hope for humanity.

We have been brought up in a society that has completely guided us down a path of unnecessary pressure, stressors and in negativity.  Think about this for a second, have you ever found it to be more challenging, to “do the right thing” and stand behind your decision whole heartedly than it would have been to conform to what society’s norm has become? Have you heard that “doing the right thing isn’t always the most popular thing?” Why is this? Why are we all so content with following society’s trend when we were born to lead our own lives?

Take a moment to think about your life journey thus far.  How many times did you find yourself conforming to societies trends even though it maybe wasn’t the best fit for you? For example, how many of you found yourself squeezing into skinny jeans when really you are more comfortable in bellbottoms? <- Wait did I just say bellbottoms hehe! I am serious though, we all come in all different shapes and sizes and shouldn't have to feel the pressure to “fit” a criteria (literally or not) that doesn’t suit us.  Instead, we should be embracing our individuality and encouraging others to do the same.

It’s time to get back to the basics and start putting an emphasis on what really matters in life. Being Comfortable In YOUR Own Skin.  This is what being Your Own Kind Of Beautiful is all about!  I personally think this is a difficult lesson for most human beings to grasp.  I think we have grown to be hard on ourselves and critical of one another leaving us feeling empty and negative at the end of the day.  You must remember that this life is YOUR life to live and you are ultimately in control of your own happiness.  In order to live this life to the fullest, you must first have a positive mindset and appreciation for yourself, and then the rest will all into place. Once you have learned to escape societies norm, and focus on the many blessings you have and were often times overlooking, you will then feel as though a weight has been lifted off of your shoulders.

Beautiful is defined in the dictionary as:



1.  Having beauty; possessing qualities that give great pleasure or satisfaction to see, hear, think about, etc.;

Delighting the senses or mind

* Note:  It doesn’t say anything about having to fit a, particular criteria.  Instead, it defines beauty as a beautiful gift in itself.  A gift, that has the ability to keep on giving, should we allow it. 

It’s time to get your mind right, so that your body can reap the rewards and you can then walk confidently and comfortable in your own skin.  The secret to a Healthy and Happy Life is found in Balance. Balance the Mind, Body and Soul and you have a strong foundation for success.

We here at am Healthy Living Co. have adopted “Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful” as our mantra.  We believe in surrounding ourselves with positivity and genuine souls.  Human beings who will lift you up and encourage you to be the best you can possibly be.  We are so grateful to have met Tiffany and Whitney because they too embody our mantra.  I will never forget meeting these lovely ladies for the first time.  They accepted and embraced us with open arms as if we had known each other our entire lives.  We now challenge you to adopt and apply this mantra each and everyday and share with us your thoughts and experiences when it comes to Being Your Own Kind Of Beautiful.  Remember to remind and encourage each other to embrace our authenticity and self-image.  Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful by being a leader and set the tone for those around you. Begin each day by speaking words of kindness, walk confidently in our uniqueness and provide others with HOPE for humanity and society because TOGETHER; we can change not only society, but the world, one happy and healthy step at a time.

This guest post was written by Alena Murgatroyd | CEO & Co Founder of am Healthy Living Co. You can find her on the web or socially on the following sites: FacebookTwitterInstagramPinterestYouTube and BlogLovin'.