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Glute Exercise - Donkey Kickbacks

Exercise TutorialsWhitney CarlsonComment

Looking for a great glute exercise that doesn't require any equipment? Try Donkey Kickbacks! You can use your own bodyweight or add a weight for an even better burn! You will find these in our She Sweats workout plans and we wanted to provide a visual so you know to perform them correctly.

Donkey Kickbacks or Glute Kickbacks

1. Kneel on the ground on all fours like you see above.

2. Lift your leg up until it is at a 90 degree angle. If you are preforming these weighted your calf will be bent in order to hold the weight but if you are doing these using only your bodyweight try to keep your calf perpendicular.

3. Slowly lower your leg back to the starting position.

4. You can either finish all prescribed repetitions on the same leg or alternate legs.

He and She Tip:

Really think about the muscle that you are working. Squeeze your glutes and stay in control of the movement the entire time.

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