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A Little Piece of Heaven... We are Going on Vacation!

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This post brought to you by Gulf County, Florida. All opinions are 100% mine.

I can't stress to you enough how excited we are to be going on vacation. Although we have been working on some really exciting stuff (like new photos for the blog, a new workout plan and partnership, etc.), we are absolutely exhausted. It's not everyday that we get to hang out ALL together, and we have never actually been on vacation together, so when Gulf County Florida came calling, we jumped on the opportunity!

Check out this sunset - OMG!

You see... Gulf County is the perfect spot to have that peaceful vacation that you need to recharge your batteries.  They say it is "no worry, no hurry" - it has ONLY 2 stop lights! There are no high-rise hotels , just white sand beaches and beautiful sunsets. You really get to reconnect with nature and your friends and family, including your furry friends! There beaches are dog-friendly and so are most of the accommodations in the county. Now isn't that fun?!?

The Gulf and specifically Gulf County is right where we need to be! From the beachfront "home away from home" accomodations we have, to the thought of the serenity we are about to experience, we can't help but be excited about our visit. Paddleboarding and kayaking here we come!  We can't wait to peruse the Salt Air Farmer's Market, which takes place every 1st and 3rd Saturday, April through November. Get ready for TONS of new recipes - we are already planning them! Did we mention we are going to be catching our own fish and cooking it up one night? How's that for clean eating?

Get ready for TONS (and we mean TONS) of photos, Instagram uploads and Tweets! We will have an extra hour... maybe, because here's a fun fact, how many times can you say you have been in two places at one time? Gulf County splits between 2 timezones! How fun is that???!!

Want to experience Gulf County Florida for yourself? Come visit GCFL. Find more photos and  Like GCFL on Facebook and salute real beauty! or check out their Instagram with #GCFLnofilter.

Help us decide exactly what to do while we are there. What activity would be #1 on your list when you visit Gulf County Florida?

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- The Gang