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Beach Body Bootcamp Workout

Cardio/HIITWhitney Carlson3 Comments

Get ready for summer and put on that itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny-yellow-polka-dot-bikini with our Beach Body Bootcamp Workout. This full-body workout needs NO (yes, we said NO) equipment and can be done right in your living room. Grab your friends or squeeze it in during nap time and you could be on your way to burning 500 calories or more. Keep that intensity up and limit your rests and go!

Not sure how to do the exercises? Learn how below:

Beach Body Bootcamp Workout

  • 5 min warm-up
  • 20 walking lunges, each leg
  • 30 plie squats
  • 30 walking lunges with leg extension, each leg
  • 1 minute jump rope
  • 5 planks, 1 minute each
  • 50 tricep dips, divided
  • 5 sets of 1 minute side shuffles, R/L
  • 3 sets of 1 minute mummy walks
  • 1 minute jumping jacks
  • 5 minute cool down