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Where's the Nutritional Information for Our Recipes?

Whitney Carlson2 Comments
You may have noticed that most our new recipes no longer list nutritional information. It's not because we don't want to share that information with it nor because we forget to include it. It's actually due to a few factors, but overall, because the online calorie counters are fairly inaccurate in our experience.

Here are the reasons why we no longer include macros:

  1. Most of the information put into the online calculators is done so by individuals not affiliated with the site, or users. This can often lead to miscalculations, typos and variance in measuring. 
  2. Ingredients vary. One "brand" of a certain product may have different macronutrients vs another brand. Although it's absolutely fine to use your favorite brand, the variance in calorie counts can be off quite a bit. 
  3. Substitutions. Let's face it - we don't always have what we need to make a certain recipe at the time we want to make it. Many of you find great alternatives to some of the harder-to-find ingredients in our recipes, but doing so will change the nutritional information in your recipe.
  4. Deletions. We get quite a few comments about people leaving out some key ingredients and still loving the result. That's great, but in some instances, it TOTALLY changes the mets (like removing most of the protein). Be careful when you do this and always check your new mets. 

Are we saying don't use these counters? Absolutely not! Online calorie counters can be VERY beneficial. Just stick to using the same "ingredient" when you are entering in your recipes and foods and don't hesitate to check the nutritional information listed against another source. We also recommend ALWAYS using the same online counter too - this will alleviate some variance in your nutritional counts.

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