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We Ran the Atlanta ROC Race!

Whitney CarlsonComment

Whitney and I had the opportunity to run the ROC (Ridiculous Obstacle Challenge) Race last weekend in Atlanta at Turner Field last weekend. With Jim (and our little one Bryce) in tow, we had quite the eventful race!

What it is:

The ROC Race is exactly what the name is - crazy, zany obstacles modeled after the hit TV challenge show, WipeOut. (Seeing as I have always wanted to run that course, this race seemed like a no-brainer!) The course itself is a 5k with 12 obstacles at different stages of the run.

Most of the obstacles involve water! Let's face it - it just makes it fun. Oh and don't forget about the foam! There is just one foam obstacle, but in case you want more, there was more foam in the "party" area after completing the race. The ROC Race also boasts the World's Largest Inflatable Water Slide - this is the ending obstacle - definitely a blast!

What you need to know:

Whitney and I were both nervous that we would break a leg or come out with major bruises from trying to jump across the big red balls or crossing a balance beam while crane mounted swinging pom-poms tried to knock you down, but we didn't! It's definitely something that everyone can enjoy and is suitable for most ages and abilities. We saw people running the course for time (so it seemed) and those walking the course as well.

It was definitely cold the morning of and if you can help it at all, I would recommend the course on a nice day ABOVE 70 degrees. It's not so bad while you are running, but before you start it's a little cold.

Bring clothes and a towel or two for after. You WILL be wet and you WILL NOT want to sit in your car in your wet clothes on the ride home. Just an FYI.

Our rating:

It was a blast! If you have the opportunity, it's definitely something everyone should do in their lifetime. Check one off the bucket list!