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Exercising When You are Sick

Whitney CarlsonComment

It happens to a lot of us! It seems the second we decide we are jumping on the bandwagon of getting our eating under control, going to the gym and busting out some amazing sets in the gym, we get sick! We aren't doctors, so always consult with your physician before you exercise, but here's the skinny on exercising when you are sick:

If you have a mild cold:

WebMD states, it's generally okay to exercise, as long as you are not overexerting yourself. Your abilities and intensity will likely change - that's ok!

Exercise helps to increase your immune system and ward off common cold and flu viruses in the first place, so it may help to keep you from getting even more sick. 

Recommended Types of Exercise:

Choose exercises like weightlifting, pilates and/or yoga. Keep the cardio blasts for when you are feeling better. 

Use Extra Precaution:

If you are currently on medication, you may find that your heart rate has increased. Be cognizant of this increase and keep your heart rate at a safe pace. Also, if you have asthma and a cold, check with your physician - trouble breathing is the last thing you need!

If you have a severe cold or the flu:

It's not advisable to workout if you have the flu. This can actually hinder your ability to recover and who wants to workout when you have flu symptoms anyway?!?

Recommended Types:

If you must, simple stretches may help alleviate some muscle soreness from the flu.

Do NOT workout if you have a respiratory infection!

This can be very dangerous to your overall health.

A few things to remember if you are sick and want to workout:

  1. If you are going to workout at your gym, wipe down any equipment, including dumbbells, mats and cardio equipment before AND after you use them. Be considerate of others!
  2. Try not to go to the gym at peak times. The less exposure you have to people the better. For both you and the other people!
  3. Choosing an at-home workout may be a better option. You won't be exposed to the elements and you won't be encouraged to "show off" for your friends at the gym. 
  4. Listen to your body. If you feel like you need to rest. Rest! Your body will get NO gain from working out if you feel horrible and are depriving yourself of rest. 
  5. If you are coming off of being sick, start back gradually. Don't expect yourself to bust out as many reps and sprints as you were able to before you were sick. Work back up to it over a week or two's time. 

Remember, we are NOT doctors, nor do we claim to be. Consult your physician before completing any workout, especially when you are sick.

- Tiffany