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Stove Top Potpourri

SeasonalWhitney Carlson1 Comment

We make a lot of juice around here and I got tired of putting all of the peelings down the disposal (although it does make it smell better).  I decided to use them to make Potpourri!  It smelled amazing!

I used orange and lemon peels, ground cinnamonground cloves, and ground nutmeg (you could use all of these whole, I just had ground on hand).  I put the peels in a pot, added the spices, and then filled it up with water until everything was covered.


I usually have to replace ours every 3 days but it makes the house small amazing!  Just let it simmer on low (1-2) and keep it filled with water.  Remember to turn it off when you leave or go to sleep!


Your house will smell soooo good!

- Whitney