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Monthly Challenge: A Lil' Bit of Lunge Leg Challenge

ChallengesWhitney Carlson4 Comments

So who couldn't use a little reminder that lunges are a toned tushie's best friend? Here's a challenge to get you rolling! Don't forget... these challenges are meant to be in addition to all the fun of your normal workout (which is hopefully one of our workout plans!). You can also stack the challenges from previous months!

Here are a few notes about the exercises:

  • Walking Lunges - Just that! Keep walking as you lunge forward. However, don't use momentum on your next lunge. Stop at the top and then extend your other leg.
  • Step Through Lunges - Essentially the same as a walking lunge but with these you get to use momentum! As you bring your legs together, the leg that you are stepping on to do your next lunge with come up to your chest and then down in the lunge.
  • Kickout Lunges - Again, these are walking lunges but as you step up, straighten your back leg, essentially kicking your leg out, and squeeze for 5-10 seconds each time.
  • Forward Lunge with a Pulse - Walking lunges, but as you are in the lunge, go slightly deeper, hold for 2 seconds and back up.

Here's the actual challenge:

Good luck!