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Fit Finds :: 5 Sunday Food Prep Tools We Can't Live Without

Whitney Carlson1 Comment

Today's post is all about making our lives easier. Here are 5 Sunday food prep tools that we definitely wouldn't want to live without!

Fit Finds :: 5 Sunday Food Prep Tools We Can't Live Without

  • 6-Quart Slow Cooker - Those little round Crock Pots are cute, but not so functional for the amount we cook! This is, by far, the number 1 tool we use for cooking the flavorful chicken meals we eat so often.
  • Knife Set - A good set of knives are one of your best investments! We have used so many and keep going back to our Wusthofs!
  • Cutting Boards - Along with good knives come cutting boards that won't ruin your knives! Don't forget to have two (and label them) - one for veggies and one for meats.
  • Vitamix 1782 - Great for chopping veggies, juicing and making hummus and pesto.
  • Food Scale - Until you get to where you can eyeball certain foods (which we are still working on!), you will want to weigh out your portions!  Believe it or not, we find most people aren't eating ENOUGH!  A food scale is a must-have!

What's your favorite Sunday food prep tool?