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Clean Eat Education :: How to Boil the Perfect Egg

Whitney Carlson7 Comments

We have received a lot of messages and emails about how we get our eggs to peel so easily (read more about the nutrition of the egg here). Boiled eggs are my favorite clean food (I'm not kidding)...so I've tried many different methods to get them to peel easily.  Most of those methods ended up with me getting so mad that I would just throw the egg down the disposal or squeeze them in my hand in a fit of rage (yes, I have a bad temper).  Boiled eggs are the most frustrating food to make!  However, after almost two years of boiling at least a dozen eggs each Sunday during our food prep, I have discovered what works for me and I am here to share that with you!


I have two different methods I use depending on if I am making them in advance (during our food prep) or making them to eat right away.

If I am boiling a large amount during food prep the Eggsact Egg Timer is the tool that I use.  It is the best $5.99 purchase I have never made.


Eggsact Egg Timer


This is what I do:

1. Place your eggs in the bottom of a large pan (in one layer)

2. Add the Eggsact Egg Timer to the pan, just as if it were an egg

3. Fill up the pan with cool water until it is about an inch above the eggs

4. Place the pan on medium to high heat (I set ours on "8")

5. The Eggsact Egg Timer simply changes color once your eggs hit a certain point: soft, medium, or hard boiled.  So once your eggs hit the desired level, (I wait for the entire egg to turn black for hard boiled) remove them from the heat & run cool (not cold) water over them and let them sit for a few minutes to cool down.

6. Once they have cooled down enough to touch peel them under cool running water


If I am in a hurry or only want to make a few at a time I use the Egg Genie Electric Egg Cooker. Again, it is one of the best $19.99 purchases I have ever made.


Egg Genie Electric Egg Cooker


I would have never bought this if Tiffany didn't do this post on it!  I won't go into much detail on how it works because you can read that here but it is a lifesaver when you are pressed for time or you don't want to cook very many eggs at once!


I hope this helps!  Please let me know if you try either one of these methods!


- Whitney