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Fit Finds :: The Biggest Loser - Power Sculpt

Whitney CarlsonComment

When I ordered the 

Biggest Loser Power Sculpt DVD

, I honestly thought that it would be a little bit of a "cake walk." Boy did I get a rude awakening when I popped it in my DVD player yesterday! I can't say that it's the hardest workout ever, but if you can't make it to the gym one day or you are feeling a little off, this is one workout that won't leave you wondering if you wasted your time or if you did anything at all.

Biggest Loser Power Sculpt DVD

, $6.30



is structured in levels, so you can choose to add in levels as you progress (or if you start off more advanced). You can also choose to add in additional moves or more advanced moves to suit your own fitness level. The great thing about working with weights in the Power Sculpt DVD is that it gives you an opportunity to set your own pace - want to rock the DVD with

30 lbs dumbbells

(which would be really challenging!) you can, or you could stick to

5 lbs


10 lbs

dumbbells and focus more on form.

Level One takes approximately 30 minutes to complete, while once you get up to Level Three, plan to spend about 50 minutes on the entire workout. All three trainers will guide you through different exercises, pushing you the entire way. If you are afraid of lunges - this may not be for you! Get ready for a ride to tone your backside!

And at


who can argue?

- Tiffany