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FIT Finds :: The Egg Genie - Automatic Egg Cooker/Boiler

Whitney Carlson15 Comments

As most of you loyal readers know, we occasionally review items that make your life easier! (And trust me - if it was a defunct product, we would let you know that too!) And this is DEFINITELY one of them!


It all started a few weeks ago... I'm supposed to eat two whole eggs (yes, two whole eggs - yolk and all) as part of my healthy pregnancy diet. It's a struggle, but the only way I can actually get the yolk down is to boil the eggs and disguise them by chopping them up in a salad or trying desperately not to think about the yolk! Well... this is all fine and dandy except ONE major thing - I'm HORRIBLE at boiling my own eggs! I can never get it right. I did a little research and found The Egg Genie


At first I was skeptical - I NEVER buy an "As Seen on TV" product, but after trying it out and boiling 5 large brown eggs in this baby, I'm a believer! Even if you don't eat the yolk, the egg white is perfect and yummy! Think about what this will do to your Sunday prep! You just fill the canister with a little water (there are directions and a measuring cup), poke a hole in each egg with a "tack" that is located on the machine, place your eggs in and turn it on! It was SO simple! 5 eggs took about 10 minutes. (I say this now - I was skeptical up until the point that after I submerged the eggs into cold water and peeled one of them - absolute perfection!)


Apparently, the unit will also poach eggs and steam vegetables - I have not tried those applications as of yet!


Here are pics from my egg boiling journey!

Things I like:

- The Price!

- The Ease - I can actually attend to cooking and creating others things, housework, blogging, etc while my eggs are cooking

- The Taste - these came out perfectly! The yolk was absolutely perfectly cooked - not over or underdone.

- Easy to Peel - it may be because I submerged them directly after in cold water, but I took the shell off in one fail peel! It was awesome!


Things I wish I could change:

- The annoying sound when the eggs are done. The directions mentioned that it would hiss - it was more like a screech! It's over as soon as you unplug the unit though!


I hope this helps you with your Sunday Prep - it has made a huge difference for me!


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