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Creating YOUR Workout Plan

Workout TipsWhitney Carlson4 Comments

It seems like we get questions from our readers everyday asking how to create their own workout plan. Here are some simple rules and tips for creating a workout plan that will help you get closer to your goals.

Think about your goals.

Are you interested in adding muscle? 

      Consider a plan with increased weight, less cardio and more rest between muscle groups.

Want to lean out? 

      Continue lifting weights, increase reps and increase cardiovascular exercise.

Determine how/where you will workout.

  • Do you have access to a gym? If so, what equipment is available?
  • Will you workout outside? What routes can you use for cardio? Is there a park with pull up bars, benches and stairs?
  • Can you workout at home? What equipment do you have/need? Will you use any DVDs?

Follow these simple guidelines:

1. Work All Muscle Groups at least once per week - Think one group per day or group them together (for example - chest/back, legs, bis/tris OR chest/tris, back/bis, upper legs, calves/abs)

2. Do NOT work the same muscle group the following day - If you worked legs one day, do not follow it with an additional leg workout - your muscles need rest!!

3. Incorporate more challenging cardio on non-leg days - Use those days to your advantage and save your energy for lifting heavy on legs.

4. Alter exercises every 4 weeks - Muscles have memory. They also get adapt well to the "work" that you are subjecting them to - keep them guessing by changing up your exercises and routine every 4 weeks. 

Remember - it takes time to produce results. Don't be afraid to try new things and determine what works best for you. You and your body are unique - what works for one of your friends may not work for you. 

Try one of our workout plans here - we take the guesswork out of it!