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Product Review :: Beach Body INSANITY Series

Whitney Carlson4 Comments

Curious about


from Beach Body? Have you tried P90X and wondered what more was out there? Let's just say that it's not for the weak, but if you want to try a fast-paced, blood-pumping workout that is NOT for the casual exerciser, you have got to get your hands on Insanity!

Here's an unbiased review on the

Insanity Program


What You Get:

- 12 Various Body Part and/or Training Specific DVDs

- Insanity Training Calendar with suggestive DVDs for each day and information about rest days

- Insanity Elite Nutrition Guide - We love this!! Many of these recipes are clean and they taste great too!

- Fitness Guide with Fit Test

Why We Like It:

- No Equipment Needed - Perhaps the best treat for Jim is that there is NO equipment necessary other than a DVD player and some sort of monitor (a TV or even a laptop). It's totally portable and travels well when he is on the road. Here's a shout out to the person in the hotel room below - sorry for the large noises caused by the plyometrics exercises!

- Variety - Although the exercises are sports-specific and many are plyometric exercises, you don't really get board with these workouts! You cycle through the entire DVD set in 2 weeks, so it's just enough time for your body not to get used to it and for you to stay engaged through the workouts.

- Count Downs - If you know me (Tiffany) at all, you would know that I need some level of success to continue going. I need to know that I am making progress and exactly how much longer I have left to go. The DVDs do just that! There is a time marker at the bottom of the screen that counts down during the entire workout so you know how much more you have left before breaks - it's fabulous!

What We Don't Like:

There really isn't much that we don't like with this DVD series; however, that said, I will caution you that it is WORK! It's not easy and if you have knee problems, you may experience a LOT of discomfort with the large amount of plyometric exercises involved in each DVD workout. I would definitely make sure you are up for this challenge before you begin

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Good Luck!

Tiffany and Jim