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Dancing With the Stars : Dance off the Pounds

Whitney Carlson1 Comment
dancing with the stars : Dance off the Pounds
$6.99, Amazon.com

What a fun and fabulous workout DVD! It's not your typical workout, but this DVD will have you moving and grooving (and sweating) in a couple seconds flat! Best yet, it's a totally affordable DVD that you can add to your cardio rotation for a little something "saucy"!

The Host(s):
Dmitry Chaplin
Lacy Schwimmer
Kym Johnson

The Workout:
The DVD features 3 segments of dance: Swing, Jive and Quickstep along with a choreographed cool down. You can choose to do all three dances or pick one or two depending on the amount of time that you have. Each segment is about 12-15 minutes in length with the exception of the 5 minute cool down.

What you should know - if you do not have a background in dance, don't give up! The routines are taught at a very fast pace and they move on quickly. If you don't have a move down just right, keep going and continue to move. Over time, you will get it!

The Music:
For a dance DVD, this music is actually really good! Don't expect hip hop or something that is trendy - you won't get it. Think big band and enjoy the beat as it will help you to learn the moves.

The Price:
$6.99 at Amazon! Can you believe that?? We love a great deal and even with a class card at a local dance studio, you would pay over $10 for one class.

- Tiffany & The Gang