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Workout:: Shoulders, Abs and Calves

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This is the last workout in our "For Her" Series. If you cycle all four of them throughout the week, you will see results in no time! Good luck with this one!

Please Note: Before beginning routine, please ensure you are healthy enough to perform such exercises. Also, please adjust weight according to your own fitness levels. Weight suggestions are merely guidelines (we tend to lift additional weight varying with our skill level and intensity). Machine Assisted merely means that we advocate using a machine for this exercise vs. free weights.

Shoulders, Abs and Calves Workout for Her

Warmup: 5 Minute Treadmill Brisk Walk - 4.0-4.3 MPH or take a 5 Minute Ride on the Elliptical

Dumbbell Upright Rows/EZ Curl Bar Upright Rows

You will need a set of weights and an EZ Curl Bar (or straight weighted bar) for this exercise. You will be alternating between the two - so make sure nobody steals it from you! Watch yourself in the mirror to ensure that you bring the dumbbells and the bar only as high as your shoulders - don't go any higher or you may be at risk for injury! 

  • 15x - Dumbbells - 15lbs each arm
  • 15x - EZ Curl Bar - 30 lbs
  • 12x - Dumbells - 15lbs each arm
  • 12x - EZ Curl Bar - 25lbs
  • 10x - Dumbells - 15lbs each arm
  • 10x - EZ Curl Bar - 20lbs

Bosu-Assisted Burpees

Grasp the Bosu during the entire exercise, but you will feel those abs engage as you jump out and in and during your pushup.

  • 25x
  • 20x
  • 15x

Seated Incline Calf Press

Hopefully your gym has one of these machines. It is typically in the free weight section and you use plates to add weight.  If you don't have a seated incline but have a seated calf press machine, you can use that as well - the incline just adds a little extra "umph!"

  • 30x - 50lbs
  • 20x - 70lbs
  • 10x - 90-100lbs

Dumbell Arm Raises

  • 20x - Forward - 10 lbs each side
  • 20x - Side - 10 lbs each side
  • 20x - Forward - 10 lbs each side
  • 20x - Side - 10 lbs each side
  • 20x - Forward - 10 lbs each side
  • 20x - Side - 10 lbs each side


  • 1 minute - Regular Plank
  • 1 minute - Plank on hands
  • 1 minute - Side Plank on Right
  • 1 minute - Side Plank on Left

Machine-Assisted Standing Calf Press

  • 25x - Focus with toes facing inward - 100 lbs
  • 25x - Focus with toes facing outward - 100 lbs
  • 25x -  Focus with toes facing forward/straight - 100lbs

Remember, adapt this to your own personal strengths, fitness level and needs. Make sure that you vary the routine as well at least every 4-5 times you do it to keep your body guessing.


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