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Workout :: Bis and Chest Routine for Her

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In an effort to streamline our blog and keep things coming to our readers in a timely manner, we have moved the Sunday Shreds to Thursdays! Sorry, no catchy title though... (feel free to suggest one!).  Moving along in our "For Her" workout series, our next routine is a bis and chest workout that is a regular occurrence in our gym repertoire.

Please Note: Before beginning routine, please ensure you are healthy enough to perform such exercises. Also, please adjust weight according to your own fitness levels. Weight suggestions are merely guidelines (we tend to lift additional weight varying with our skill level and intensity). Machine Assisted merely means that we advocate using a machine for this exercise vs. free weights.

Bis and Chest Workout for Her

NOTE: This workout may NOT have many exercises, but if done to fatigue and done with intent, you will definitely feel it. 


 5 Minute Treadmill Brisk Walk - 4.0-4.3 MPH

Incline Dumbell Chest Press with Incline Pushups 

(Use Incline Bench for Chest Press and Flat Bench for Pushups)

12x - 20lbs ea side (40 lbs total)

20x - Incline Pushups

15x - 25lbs ea side (50 lbs total)

15x - Incline Pushups

12x - 30lbs ea side (600 lbs total)

10x - Incline Pushups

Concentration Dumbell Bicep Curls

15x - 15lbs, repeat set on other side

12x - 20lbs

, repeat set on other side

10x - 20lbs

, repeat set on other side

21's - Cable Chest Press

(Note: These are not for the faint at heart! Please read the entire description prior to attempting)

7x - Standing Cable Chest Press, Right Leg Forward - 10lbs ea side

7x - 

Standing Cable Chest Press, Left Leg Forward - 10lbs ea side

7x - Kneeling (on knees, both in same plane) Cable Chest Press - 10lbs ea side

Repeat 2 additional times.

Bicep Curls w/ EZ Curl Bar or Weighted Bar

20x - 20lbs total bar weight

15x - 30lbs total bar weight

10x - 30-40lbs total bar weight

Add ONLY if you have access to this in your gym - if not, your workout is over!

Weighted Ropes

Standing with feet shoulder width apart, knees bend, back straight and chest up, grasp ropes, one in both hand. Move ropes outward and slap ropes inward squeezing your chest muscles with each movement. Do as many as you can for one minute. Rest for one minute. 

Repeat 2 additional times. 

Got it ladies? Remember, adapt this to your own personal strengths, fitness level and needs. Make sure that you vary the routine as well at least every 4-5 times you do it to keep your body guessing.


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