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Motivational Monday :: Formulating the RIGHT Attitude

Whitney CarlsonComment
Today's Motivational Monday isn't so much about motivating you for the gym.  Sorry folks that need that today! Today's MM is about life - it's about putting yourself in the right mindset, projecting the right image and having the RIGHT attitude.

Have you ever met someone that you just thought, "Wow! They could be so miserable and unhappy, but they are the most positive, ray of light I have seen today?" Well, if you haven't, perhaps you have seen this person, "Woe is me... I can't do anything right... Life just seems to be crashing down on top of me and I'm thankful for my life, but it could be so much better." Most of us can definitely say that we have knowledge of the latter of the two.  Maybe it's even you...

What is wrong with those people??!! Think about it... you have EVERYTHING going for you! Get out there and show the world what you got!

Which do you want to be?