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FIT Finds :: Clean Kitchen MUST Haves

Whitney Carlson2 Comments

We receive quite a few emails per day, but this one has to be one of the most frequent questions we receive: "I'm just starting out... what kitchen gadgets do you recommend that help out but won't break the bank?"  Well, here we are with 5 of our favorite gadgets all under $40 that help keep your prep time to a minimum.


#1. The Chef'n Garlic Slice - $9.20ea - This is an awesome tool! We cook with a LOT of garlic in our house - flavors are awesome and the health benefits are amazing. This just gives you a quick way to slice that garlic without getting it all over your hands! Really want to save time? Try the Ultimate Garlic Peeler ($4.99 ea) too!


#2. Good knives are hard to come by! I won't name the manufacturer, but we has some VERY expensive knives (wedding gift) and they didn't hold up at all! Dull after only a few uses! You don't have to spend a lot to get functional knives. The Kitchen Aid 3-Piece Knife Set is a great starter set, especially at only $31.79!


#3. As you need knives, you need one or two (perhaps one for veggies and one for meats) good cutting boards that won't dull your knives. If you are looking for a basic cutting board, start with wood (We love the bamboo ones)! The plastic boards tend to dull knives and will have you running to a knifesmith to sharpen or back to the store in no time! Try this Totally Bamboo 3-piece Bamboo Cutting Board Set, priced at $21.45.


#4. Measuring spoons and cups are a MUST Have!! My favorites are the ones with the little pour spouts for liquids and flours. The Onesource 8-piece Deluxe Stainless Steel Measuring Cup and Measuring Spoon set is perfect, especially at only $6.75 for the set.


#5. The CrockPot! If you don't have one of these time savers, it's definitely worth the investment. And just for you, I found an affordable one under the $40 price tag! Try the Crock-Pot Cook'n Carry 6-Qt Oval Manual Portable Slow Cooker in Stainless Steel priced at $34.92!


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