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Weekly Food Prep

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UPDATE: Due to popular demand, we now have a Food Prep eBook available!

A lot of you have asked questions about clean food prep.  It is exactly what it sounds like...you prep all of your food for the week at one time.  It may seem overwhelming but it is so worth it (trust me!).  It will take a few hours out of your day, but you will not have to worry about any of your meals for the rest of the week (this is the best way to stay on track).  Most families could probably get away with one food prep per week, but we do two per week (one on Sunday & a smaller one on Wednesday/Thursday) because both of us eat clean & both of us eat a lot of food (especially Scott)!

Most of you are probably like us...You work full time & you are exhausted when you get home from work.  If this describes you then the clean eating lifestyle is what you need! Both Scott & I work full time.  We also spend a lot of time in the gym & on this blog. This leaves very little time each day to cook dinner (unless we want to eat dinner at nine each night!).  This means that prepping our food in advance is imperative for us to stay on track.  When you have your food prepared in advance you have no excuse or reason to drive-thru somewhere or grab that donut at work.  Even if your food prep day isn't Sunday, set aside one day per week that is convenient for you to prep your food.  In my opinion, this is the MOST IMPORTANT step in eating clean.

All you have to do is pick a breakfast recipe, lunch recipe & dinner recipe that you like & batch cook them all at one time!

Below are a few examples of our food prep.  Hopefully this will give you some ideas!

Do you have a friend interested in the clean eating lifestyle?  Get together & prep your food! It makes it more fun!  The picture above is of me & my friend, Anna, after killing a Sunday food prep!  :-)

I hope this helps!

Here is another post about our Sunday Food Prep.

* Be sure to check out our Getting Started and Food Prep eBooks here.

- Whitney