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She Sweats :: Sunday Shred - Indoor Cycling HIIT Workout

Cardio/HIITWhitney Carlson7 Comments

Have you ever tried spinning or indoor cycling? Yeah, yeah, yeah... the little seat, I know! Despite the small seat and the discomfort you may experience the first few times, indoor cycling, or spinning as it is also called, is a WONDERFUL way to shed lbs and tone your lower half. Using a designated spin bike (like the ones in spin class at your gym) is much more effective than the bicycles located throughout the cardio deck on your gym's main floor. (Can you tell I have been a spin instructor for the last 9 years?)

Here's today's workout - it's based on your own assumption of how hard you are working and how much you can really handle. Your 100% maximum effort WILL be different than your friends, neighbor's or even your boyfriend's/hubby's. Do not fear! Try your best each time and focus on making each set better than the last - you will see results in no time flat! 

Let me explain a few things before you begin:  

1. Bike Set Up: Stand next to the bike - lean in toward the bike with both feet on the floor. Where the natural bend is in your waist is a great starting point for where your seat should be. Move it there and hop on - if you are locking out your legs, move the seat down a notch and re-evaluate. Move handlebars according to your comfort.

2. Resistance - This is going to depend on your bike! Before you start, begin to play with the tension knob. Typically, turning the knob to the right increases the tension while turning it to the left decreases the tension. Make a mental note of the what the tension feels like on a scale from 1 to 10 as you increase and decrease it. 

3. The perceived exertion rate is based off of YOUR maximum effort. Determine what your 100% max effort (think the HARDEST you can push yourself - about ready to pass out, can go NO more). If the workout calls for 50% of that, do just that. You can still work at 80% of your max effort with a level 3 resistance although it will look different than your 80% max effort at a level 8 resistance. Got it?

Download the PDF Version of the Spin Your Way to Slim! Indoor Cycling HIIT Workout here!

Good luck and remember, keep your feet flat at all times and your chest and head up and forward. Try not to grip the handlebars for dear life - simply resting your arms on the handlebars is the best way to go!

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