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She Sweats :: Star Spangled Sweat-Off

Cardio/HIITWhitney Carlson6 Comments

Happy Independence Day!

Not sure if you have time for a quick workout today with all of the festivities for July 4th? Try this one on for size, the Star Spangled Sweat-Off!

The exercises described in this plan are body weight exercises and need no equipment. All you need is a timer and a stair, a bench, a chair or a sofa for the tricep dips! Complete each exercise in a minute, continuing on to the next exercise immediately. Do a total of three sets of the exercises and you will have completed a challenging 30 minute interval workout!

Total calories burned from this workout depend on your current physical health, body weight and intensity to which you perform the exercise. Everyone will be different; however, most will burn from 300-500 calories during these 30 minutes.

Good luck and Happy Fourth of July!