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Motivational Monday :: Stress

Whitney Carlson5 Comments

I work full time. I have a very stressful job. I have a long commute.  Yep, that describes me and probably a lot of you as well.  Easier said than done but...

do not let stress get the best of you

!  Last year I would have downed a bag of Sour Patch Kids at work to "help" me deal with stress but a lot has changed since then.  Now, I head straight to the gym after work instead of devouring a bag of sugary candy that will make me feel 100 times worse!  

Try the gym as a method of stress-relief next time instead of food!

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Give it all you've got.  

Keep your meals clean & hit the gym!

 Start your week off right!  NO EXCUSES (not even stress)!

- Whitney