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FIT Friday :: Physique 57 Review

Whitney Carlson4 Comments

I have a tendency to have grand illusions of going to the gym even on days when I know there is no way I actually can - such as when I am away from the house from 5:15 in the morning to 9:00 at night! It kills me, but I know that if I try to go, I will not be focused and will end up injuring myself. Instead, I try to do a home workout DVD. Enter

Physique 57


Physique 57

is a different type of workout. It's based on key elements in ballet technique and combines pilates and isometric exercises for one KILLER workout! With the addition of a smaller rubber "playground" ball, you will squeeze and tone even your most stubborn areas while you squeeze and perform exercises simultaneously. Don't be fooled - you hear ballet and barre workout and you think, "Great! This is perfect for an off day!" That may be so, however, you will be shaking and sweating buckets as you push your muscles to fatigue with each exercise. The first time I did Physique57, I was sore for days!

The Physique 57 set comes in various size DVD packs - 1, 


, and even


DVDs. I would definitely recommend the 


 or the


with the ball as it is needed for many of the exercises and kicks your workout up to overdrive! The sets are great for any fitness level; however, if you cannot accomplish all of the exercises in the DVD, you can modify them or pickup where you left off after a brief period of rest. Don't be discouraged - these DVDs are meant to give you a great workout!

If you want killer abs, this is your go-to source! Have fun with it!

There are a few different barre based workout places popping up, including Physique57. Have you ever tried a barre workout?